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About Design4UJewelry

Why Bridge jewelry?

When I was young the “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” sounded absolutely obnoxious, but as Erika Christensen quoted “Part of the beauty of our relationship with jewelry is that it can change and evolve as we do ourselves. “, after a few enhanced years, the wisdom finally kicked in and realized that “Jewelries are women’s best friends not diamonds alone.”  The sparkling and ethereal appearance has relieved so much tension, pressure and weariness from a long day’s battles and hard work at office, family or tasks at hand.  It eliminated so much boredom, anxieties and unpleasantness simply by looking, touching and feeling them.  I am embedded and protected by the rays from the jewelry, they guided me constantly providing the positive energy and emotional dependence.   It gives me the confident and sophistication.  It is like wearing a shiny armor ready to face the ugly dragon outside.

But the fine jewelry is simply too expensive to purchase, too dangerous to wear outdoors or travel.  It also redeemed as unsafe to keep in the house.  What is the point of having lovely jewelry but they are always locked up in the safe and that you could not enjoy them?  Are there alternatives?  At my age, I have definitely outgrown the costume jewelry.  No longer can stand a jewelry that I loved fade in color, looked tired, or simply just out of style too fast.  That is the realization of the excellent alternative bridge jewelry at accessible price.

Bridge jewelry is the gap between the fine jewelry and costume jewelry.  I love to wear beautiful clothes but if I can find the perfect jewelry accompanying to match with the dress.  It would make me feel like million bucks.  Nothing pleased me more when I found a piece of jewelry matched perfectly with the dress that I wear.  When that treasure is found, there is no need to buy brand name jewelry.  It is that perfectionism that completes me.  

With the above, that still leaves me with the problems “I have many dresses, and the fine jewelry is simply too expensive to change often.  And if we are wearing the exclusive few items, they soon eliminate the excitement.”  So the answer is why settling with few ultra expensive jewelry while we can have multiple jewelries for the price of one, and we can wear them anywhere without worry of getting robbed?   At Design4UJ, we have specially selected delicate bridge jewelry to fit your image.  There is no need to desperately searching through web site to find that perfect match.  Every single item on Design4UJ has been carefully selected.  They are premium quality without premium prices.

We also have in-house gemologist that will perform any repair, custom designconsultationappraisal, and even set up a jewelry making class if needed.  Every woman deserves to have much jewelry.  Enjoy the elegance and gracefulness without limits is our motto, vision and mission.

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