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Girl Scouts Ranking Names: Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Senior Ambassador

Girl Scout ranking

The Girl Scout ranking names were chosen to represent different age levels within the organization, indicating the progression of girls as they grow and advance in their Girl Scout journey. The ranking names were selected to reflect the values, characteristics, and developmental stages associated with each level. Here is a brief overview of the Girl Scout ranking names and their significance:

  1. Daisy: The Daisy level is named after Juliette Gordon Low's nickname, "Daisy." It represents the youngest Girl Scout age group, typically consisting of kindergarten and first-grade girls. Daisies are associated with the blooming and beginning stages of a girl's scouting experience.

  2. 2Brownie: The Brownie level is named after the mythical creature known as the "Brownie." Brownies are small, magical beings known for their helpfulness and industriousness. Brownies represent the second-level age group, typically consisting of second and third-grade girls.

  3. Junior: The Junior level represents girls in the early stages of their preteen years. The name "Junior" reflects their transitional stage, bridging the gap between the younger levels and the older Girl Scout levels. Juniors are encouraged to take on more responsibility and leadership within their troop.

  4. Cadette: The Cadette level represents girls in their middle school years. The name "Cadette" signifies their maturing and growing independence. Cadettes engage in more challenging activities, focus on personal growth, and explore various interests and opportunities.

  5. Senior: The Senior level represents girls in high school, emphasizing their transition into young adulthood. The term "Senior" reflects their increasing maturity, self-awareness, and their ability to take on more leadership roles, pursue individual interests, and contribute to their community.

  6. Ambassador: The Ambassador level represents girls in their final years of high school. The term "Ambassador" signifies their role as representatives and ambassadors of the Girl Scout movement. Ambassadors are encouraged to become engaged in their communities, pursue higher education or career goals, and serve as role models for younger girls.

The chosen ranking names aim to inspire and empower girls at each level, reflecting their age-appropriate development, aspirations, and the core values of Girl Scouts.